National Cathedral School (NCS)
Mount Saint Alban
Washington, DC 20016

For more than a century, National Cathedral School (NCS) has defined and refined the idea of women’s education without limits. In 1900 NCS opened its doors with the idea that girls and young women of every background should be held to the highest academic standards and prepared for all of life’s challenges. This is a course from which we have never strayed. We believe that a single-sex, Cathedral-school setting offers superior opportunities to accomplish this mission. Because every girl deserves the opportunity to realize her many talents and abilities, we offer an environment that builds confidence, self-esteem, and leadership skills. What drives NCS today, as it did in 1900, is a vision of girls who are leaders, explorers, scientists, athletes, and artists, girls who are unafraid of new experiences and excited by new ideas.

National Cathedral School consists of three divisions: Lower School (grades 4–6), Middle School (grades 7–8), and Upper School (grades 9–12). Since our founding, the school has grown into five major academic and athletic buildings. We share the extraordinarily beautiful Cathedral Close — 57 acres of woods, gardens, playing fields, tennis courts, and other outdoor facilities — with the Washington National Cathedral, Beauvoir School (nursery–grade 3), and St. Albans School for Boys (grades 4–12). Visit our website to learn more about NCS. Or better yet, we invite you to come and see this remarkable school for yourself!